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a whole new expression!

Any process of digital visual creation is part of a big fascination that I share with many other designers. No matter if print or web. 

Is it an entirely new CI that you are looking for, or specific pieces of media fitting to something you already have? I am here to create the last missing pieces you'd need for your online and/or offline presentation.

Let me know, what you need, and I'll let you know, what I can do for you!

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Wedding Invitation


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my work for Motion One

Everything I created below has been done on behalf of Motion One,

either while I was working for them as an apprentice or
later (and right now) on as a freelancer.

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Social Media Design 

for Highlight

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On Behalf of Motion One

For PelviPower

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On Behalf of Motion One

For Media Motion

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Thank you!

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