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a picture can speak a thousand words...

Want to trim down on the word count and visualise your message?

Have a peek into my portfolio and let me help you with that.

With a strong range from semi-realism to minimalistic vector-art, I can create just the kind of visual and personal touch for your project and CI. I work mainly with digital media, but can imitate almost all traditional art styles and varying levels of detail to fit every story to be told. 

Image by Noita Digital

About the artist

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Fantasy geek!

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I am easily excited by both the outcome of a project and the process of creating it.

My name is Samantha Rieg and I am a freelancing artist and graphic designer.
I've been working with illustration and marketing design for over five years and have been specifically in the field of graphic design for two years now. 

My personal favourite style, when it comes to both illustration and graphic design, is a fun and doodly kind of style, that mimics traditional art.

I work with mainly the Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as Clip Studio Paint Ex.


Dual wields
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Thank you!

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